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vision event management - Rock n SoleVision Event Management (VEM) was founded in 2006 to not only assist organizations in their event management, but to produce and manage first-class fitness events. VEM looks to go above and beyond what other event producers are doing and has set the standard for great events focusing on the participant, ensuring they have a safe and enjoyable experience. VEM is regarded as one of the best race management companies in the United States, producing some of the most recognizable and successful events in the country.

Behind every successful event is one fundamental element: outstanding management. Our team of professionals at Vision Event Management has more than 100 years of combined experience producing everything from world-class sporting events to fitness and non-traditional running events. Whether you’re planning a major civic festival or staging a road race, we can help at every step, from budgeting, logistics, planning and permits to marketing, transportation, management and teardown. Our fresh eyes and fresh ideas will bring you fresh results.

Event Operations & Logistics

Event operations and logistics is where all the time spent planning the event comes together in the execution of the event.

  • Site layout
  • Map designs
  • Set up and tear down
  • Overall event management

Crisis Management Planning

VEM’s years of experience have provided it the opportunity to not only develop but refine its emergency plan, which is an ever-evolving document. Our prior experiences have given us the opportunity have a solid PR plan in place, along with prepared statements and responses to the public and participants. The communication, implementation of the plan and ensuring all the little things are covered are all key elements involved.

Permits and City Liaison

Knowing where to We can help secure the proper permits needed to stage the event along with working closely with city officials on the event logistics.


Develop a plan to efficiently move participants and or spectators between venues, from aiport to hotel along with securing the vehicles needed to handle the job.

Budget Management

  • Establish a sound budget and accurately maintain it
  • Help monitor all expenses
  • Help maximize all revenue streams

Signage Planning

We create a cohesive identity for events using signage to highlight sponsors, direct participants and spectators, and inform people of activities/events taking place.

Vendor Negotiations & Relationships

With VEM’s years of experience, we understand how to negotiate favorable contracts for our clients along with building strong relationships with the vendors to help form great partnerships between the vendor and the client.

Volunteer Management

Staging a large event takes the help of many volunteers and it is important to have a strong organizational system in place.

  • Assist in volunteer recruitment
  • Develop organizational chart
  • Coordinate volunteer meetings
  • Coordinate volunteer training sessions

Already have your event staffed and covered, but just need a little advise? With our expertise in event management, we would be happy to consult you on all aspects of your event, including but not limited to budget management, city permits, transportation and vendor relationships. We consult organizations on all aspects of their event to help take them to the next level.

A comprehensive marketing and promotional plan is important to the success of any event. We believe marketing doesn’t have to always cost a lot of money but sometimes grass roots marketing and a strong PR plan are just as effective if not more so. Developing strong media partners and leveraging sponsors existing media buys can really help stretch your marketing budget.

Not only can we help you market your event put we can create the look and feel of it with our outstanding design team to help make your marketing materials standout! We can also handle the designing and ordering of your promotional items like t-shirts, hats and cowbells. We are a full service event management company.

Email Blasts

Develop creative emails sent to potential participants to encourage registration for the event.

Social Media Marketing

Create detailed schedule for posts on all social media outlets, which include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Advertisement Buying

Research the most effective outlets to buy advertising space for the event, as well as creating the unique ad.

Collateral Design

We work with a graphic designer to produce effective advertising materials, including postcards and posters.

Media Relations

Produce press releases to send to local media and entice them to cover the event.

Vision Event Management has an extensive and varied inventory of race related equipment that includes mile markers, timing clocks, traffic management equipment, crowd control fencing, custom start/finish line structures, and other unique race related equipment.  VEM also has long-standing relationships with many vendors with negotiated rates to assist with your other event needs, such as tents, tables, chairs, port-o-lets, fencing, etc.

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Clocks & Mile Markers:

Mile Markers– The best Mile Markers in the business.  Each mile marker stands 10 ft. tall, contains a shelf to hold a timing clock and a place for safety flags.

Clocks- Give your participants the best experience on course with these single-sided LED clocks.

Clock Stand- Provides a great way to display the time at the finish line.

Color-Coded Safety Flags- Mark your event site with safety flagging. These safety flags will notify your participants and spectators of potential weather hazards or course markings.


Crowd Control 

Fencing- Barricades are portable and can be set up and taken down in a short period of time.  It is heavy duty steal held up by two detachable steel flat feet.  Typical uses include start corrals and finish chutes.

Black Stanchions- The black stanchions provide you with a professional looking way to section off areas of space.  Each stanchion includes the black plastic chain used for linking the stanchions together.

White Stanchions- Our white metal stanchions are perfect for professionally sectioning off areas of your event.  These free standing stanchions will allow you to manage your event site effectively.

40″ Fence Wrap- This black fence wrap covers your lower fencing, and is a great way to make your start corals or finishing gate look professional and attractive.

6′ Fence Wrap- Cover your chain-link fencing with a black mesh that will act as a privacy fence as well as a wind barrier.

Stakes- Large stakes to place signage on or tie poles to.


Sign Holders 

L-Poles- Mark your locations and tents with our L-Poles.  Each pole stands 10 ft. tall and is easily visible to participants and spectators.  Each pole can either be tied to a tent pole or a large metal stake.

Super H-Frames- Mark an entrance with our 10 ft. tall H-Frame signage holders.  Each frame 10 ft. tall by 10 ft. wide.  The H-Frame signage holder must be tied to a tent post or large stake.

Free-Standing Signage Poles with Stands- Make sure your event is marked properly with our 8 ft. tall free standing signage poles.  Each pole comes with a base that can be easily transported from location to location.

4×8 A-Frames- Post your reults on our large A-Frame results board.  Each results board will provide you with enough space to efficiently post your results.

3×5 A-Frames- The mid sized A-Frames are perfect for displaying important information or course directions to your participants or spectators.  Each A-Frame has a line of velcro around the edges to allow you to easily attach and remove your signage.

2×3 A-Frames- Our small sized A-Frames are easily portable and are perfect for directing foot traffic to different locations.  Each A-frame has a line of velcro around the edges to allow you to easily attach and remove your signage.


Start & Finish Structures 

Start/Finish Towers- Impress and thrill your audience with a professional start or finish structure that stands 11 ft. tall.  The structure includes two or three towers and a cross connecting piece that spans from 12 ft. to 36 ft. wide.


Traffic & Safety 

Cones- Orange cones with a reflective jacket that will mark your event.  These cones will help you direct traffic and keep cars off event site.

Safety Vests- Bright yellow and orange reflective vests used to make sure personnel on the event site are seen by cars, spectators and participants.

Safety Wands- Orange safety wands used to direct traffic or people to different locations.

Safety Lights- Flashing light that sits on top of a vehicle.


Water Station Supplies 

Tables- Portable plastic tables that can be easily placed around your event.

Coolers- Orange 6 gallon Gatorade coolers used to distribute fluids to participants, spectators, and volunteers.

Rakes- Rakes used for cleaning up aid station sites.

Snow Shovels- Used for cleaning up aid station sites.

Leaf Blowers- Used for cleaning up aid station sites.


Weather Forecast Service 

Utilize one of the best weather forecasting monitoring systems, including lightning monitoring along with access to regional weather personnel.


Other Race Equipment 

Spray/Misting Stations- Cool your participants and spectators with a nice mist from these 10′ tall stations.  Each unit comes with a hose, spray nozzle and base.

Large Fans- Large black metal fans that provide cooling and air circulation when needed.

Bike Rack- Are you looking for a rack to place bikes for a tri-athlon or a way to organize your Gear Check Bags?  Our bike rack will allow you to utilize space and easily organize a participants gear and race quipment.  Each Bike rack is a 10 ft. long pole held by four 5 ft legs.

Chip Rails- Do you need a quicker way to cut the timing chips off of a participants shoe?  Our chip rails will provide your workers with the speed and efficiency to keep participants moving and will prevent your finish line from clogging up.

Pipe & Drape- Create booths and dividing space at your expos!  Our pipe and drape will cover your expo needs by providing you with easily created booth spaces.

Generators- Each generator is gas powered and will provide you with hours of power.  Must return generator with a full tank of gas.

  • 5000K
  • 2000K

150 Gallon Troughs- Each trough acts as a way to have an ice bath ready on site.  These multi-purpose trough’s can also act as a large cooler for canned or bottled drinks for participants or staff.

Cots- Low-lying cots used for people who need to lie down before, during, or after an event.

Pallet Jack- Move your heavy pallets quickly and effectively.

Hand Trucks- Move stacks of boxes, supplies, and equipment quickly with ease.

Extension Cords- Provide power to equipment a distance from the power source.

Air Compressor- Portable air compressors that can be used where you need them.

Work-Lights for Tents- Bright and durable worklight used to provide a large amount of light in dark conditions.

Gas Cans- Cans used to transport gas to equipment throughout your event.

Push Brooms- Large push brooms used to sweep small obstructions away from your event.

Trash Pickers- Pickers used to easily and quickly pick up trash from your event site.

Lifeguard style chairs- Oversee your event from a tall platform chair.  These chairs will allow you to look over an area above the ground in comfort.

American Flags with poles- Dress up your start and finish lines with 3×5 American Flags


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